Red Dog True Blue Premiere

​Red Dog True Blue Premieres in Karratha and Roebourne


Where else would you premiere a movie set in the Pilbara about the Pilbara but in the Pilbara.  Red Dog – True Blue, will screen for the first time in Karratha before it reaches cinemas across Australia later in the year.

Through Woodside's social investment program, we have provided support for the production of both Red Dog films.  The Pilbara and its people are very important to our operations, and supporting this film provides us with the opportunity to showcase a community we have been part of since 1963.

We are very pleased to provide support for the Karratha and Roebourne screening, as free community events.



Grab your picnic rug, chairs and pack a picnic!

Saturday 3 December

Karratha Quarter

Arrive 7.30pm for 8pm start

Not ticketed

Sunday 4 December

Roebourne High School Oval

Arrive 7.30pm for 8pm start

Organised by Ieramagadu Association

Not ticketed


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