Radio and Juliet

​Radio and Juliet

‘A homage to Radiohead’

– Dance Europe

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Dates: September 9 to September 24.

Time: 8.00 pm.

Venue: His Majesty's Theatre.

What if Juliet chose to live? Set entirely to the music of rock giants Radiohead, Radio & Juliet is a fast-paced, hard-hitting contemporary take on Shakespeare’s classic.

Set in a restrained and modern world, Juliet wakes next to her Romeo and recalls the events that led her to the tomb. Within the inner-workings of her mind she finds the men in her life unravelling before her.

Edward Clug’s intricate yet robust choreography paired with the distinct sounds of Radiohead makes for an overt, introspective journey through the psyche of the modern day Juliet.

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Approximate running time 55 minutes