Yirra Yaakin Fever and Fret

​​​​​The Fever and the Fret

barking gecko header.jpgLizzy and her family have lived loss. They have endured, suffered, embraced and at times, even celebrated it. This is their story. It is testament that a shared history can guide you through all obstacles. Through tears and laughter something good can always be found amongst all that is lost. That resilience can be found within all of us, from the most unexpected circumstances.

Life for Lizzy, Iggy and Ruby will never be the same when unseen events tear their world apart and finds them struggling to find their place in this new world.

Spanning over more than a decade, we follow the life of young Lizzy and her grandparents Iggy and Ruby. We share in all their defining moments that will change the course of their lives. It will buoy you up and drag you down with the same frantic ‘rollercoaster ride’ that is life.

This production is available for school excursions. Dates and prices to be confirmed.

Writer: Jub Clerc

Director: Kyle J Morrison

Starring: Kelton Pell, Irma Woods & Ebony McGuire

Dramaturg: Stevie Rodgers

Set & Costume Designer: Matt McVeigh

Lighting Designer: Chloe Ogilvie

Sound Designer: Joe Lui

Stage Manager: Sue Fenty

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