Yirra Yaakin - Boodjar Kaatijin

​Boodjar Kaatijin

27 October - 5 November 2016

Subiaco Arts Centre


Boodja Kaatijin will be the third instalment of the successful Kaatijin series of new works for families and younger audiences. Just as Kep Kaatijin was about understanding water and Kaarla Kaatijin about understanding fire, Boodjar Kaatijin incorporates live music with storytelling to share Noongar understanding of the Earth and country. This new work is based on the creation stories in and around the Perth metropolitan area, so by sharing stories from our local region, we hope to give audiences in Perth a glimpse of the cultural significance of the places in which we live.

Using puppets, masks and glow in the dark elements, adults and children alike will be spellbound by this third instalment of the Kaatijin Series.

Through a collection of four stories based on Noongar knowledge and storytelling, audiences will learn about The First Sunrise; The Creation of Kings Park and How the Kangaroo Got It’s Colour; How the Echidna Got It’s Spikes; and The Creation of Wave Rock and the Stars.

Written and directed by Ian Wilkes, with an array of Australian animal characters played by Amy Wilkes, Rubeun Yorkshire and Aaron Wilkes, Boodjar Kaatijin (to understand land/earth) brings to life stories collected from our Noongar Elders.

This production continues Yirra Yaakin’s involvement in connecting the very young with important cultural knowledge and stories about our region. Sharing important messages of caring for country, environmental sustainability and cultural awareness.

Written & Directed by Ian Wilkes
Starring Amy Smith, Rubeun Yorkshire & Aaron Wilkes
Set & Costume Designer Matthew McVeigh
Sound Designer James Taylor
Lighting Designer Chloe Ogilvie
Stage Manager Jenny Poh

Suitable for audiences aged 4+

Performance times:

Thursday​27 October 201610:00 am​
Thursday27 October 201601:00 pm
Friday28 October 201610:00 am
Friday28 October 201601:00 pm
Saturday29 October 201610:00 am
Saturday29 October 201601:00 pm
Sunday30 October 201610:00 am
Sunday30 October 201601:00 pm
Monday31 October 201610:00 am
Monday31 October 201601:00 pm
Tuesday01 November 201610:00 am
Tuesday01 November 201601:00 pm
Wednesday02 November 201610:00 am
Wednesday02 November 201601:00 pm
Thursday03 November 201610:00 am
Thursday03 November 201601:00 pm
Friday04 November 201610:00 am
Friday04 November 201601:00 pm
Saturday05 November 201610:00 am
Saturday05 November 201601:00 pm


For more information and to purchase tickets, please visit the Yirra Yaakin website.