Changing the face of health in Karratha

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Two major infrastructure projects proudly supported by the North West Shelf Project and Pluto LNG are set to change the face of health in Karratha.

Karratha's state-of-the-art new St John Ambulance WA sub centre was officially on 9 March and the Karratha GP Super Clinic recently opened its doors to the public.

The $4 million sub centre on De Grey Place Karratha incorporates first aid training, a​​mbulance services and regional offices.

St John Ambulance Country Ambulance General Manager Julian Smith said the ambulance service had delivered quality care to the Karratha community for many years and the growth in Karratha had created a need for the new facilities. 

"This larger, modern facility will provide us with the ideal stage to expand and evolve our services for the Karratha community," Julian said.

"We are grateful that the Woodside-operated North West Shelf Project and Pluto LNG have invested so generously to help us build the new facility."

"This new centre will help deliver our integrated model of service, where volunteers and career paramedics work side by side and first aid plays an integral part in the chain of survival."

Niall Myles, Woodside's Senior Vice President North West Shelf, said the North West Shelf Project and Pluto LNG were pleased their investment has delivered a valuable and much-needed addition to community infrastructure in Karratha.

"The $2 million investment in the new ambulance sub centre continues the strong collaboration between our organisations including volunteering, first aid training and the provision of emergency defibrillators," Niall said.

The project will contribute to the continued operation of a 24/7 ambulance service in Karratha and provide additional facilities for the increase in demand for first aid training. 

In 2014/15, Karratha paramedics and ambulance volunteers treated more than 1,400 people and St John also trained more than 1,800 people in first aid.

The project also complements Woodside and St John Ambulance's other collaborations — the community first responder program to get defibrillators into the community and training Karratha high school students in first aid.

The Karratha GP Super Clinic, to be known as Karratha Central Healthcare, will become a one-stop-shop for general practitioners, podiatrists, physiotherapist, nutritionists and mental health professionals.

The North West Shelf Project and Pluto LNG proudly contributed a combined $2 million to the new sub centre and $3 million to the GP Super Clinic through the Karratha Infrastructure Strategy.

Other funding partners:

Karratha St John Ambulance WA sub centre

St John Ambulance WA sub centre

Karratha GP Super Clinic

Commonwealth Department of Health (through the GP Super Clinics Program)

University of Western Australia

Pilbara Health Network

The Karratha Infrastructure Strategy commenced in 2009 with aim of making Karratha a better place to live and work by supporting and funding community infrastructure projects in collaboration with community organisations, the public sector and industry.

Woodside (through the North West Shelf Project and Pluto LNG) have invested more than $18 million to projects in four key areas – children, health, education, and recreation and culture.

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