New Look for World-Class Museum

The innovative design for the new Museum in the Perth Cultural Centre has been revealed. As a long standing partner of the WA Museum, Woodside looks forward to this new development.

The modernist building was inspired by the OMA's principal founder, Rem Koolhaas, one of the world's leading architects. OMA and HASSEL are joint architectural partners for the project. The design is not only modern and sleek, but is accessible with entry points at every axis.

The building will feature outdoor spaces to activate the surrounding streetscape, and will have four times the exhibition capacity of the older building.

With ample room for exhibitions and functions in both the elevated galleries and the large outdoor covered space at the entrance, the building will flow easily thanks to two loops that connect the new and heritage buildings. Aside from its aesthetic appeal, the new building will include energy and thermal energy solutions for its own energy use, and for that of the Cultural Centre, State Library and Art Gallery as well as the State Theatre Centre.

WA Museum new centre - 1.jpg 
The new Museum - Image courtesy of WA Museum

Woodside has been a proud partner of the WA museum since 1998. Our partnership was celebrated at the recent launch of the Beneath the Waves documentary at the Maritime Museum, which received the 2016 WA Screen Award for 'Best Interactive Production.'

This extraordinary partnership is now entering a new phase with the announcement of the Woodside Marine Biodiversity Fund which will support the Museum's on-going marine biodiversity research and create the Woodside Learning Studio at the new Museum when it opens in 2020. The studio will be a prominent space that will facilitate learning and collaboration for a range of audiences.




The new five-year community partnership will build on the robust scientific marine research, enabling ongoing discoveries related to the marine environment. It will also enable the creation of a 'WA Downunder Gallery' at the WA Maritime Museum in Fremantle. This gallery will showcase the Woodside Collection (Pilbara and Kimberley) and the Museum's broader knowledge of WA's marine biodiversity.

The new Museum - Image courtesy of WA Museum

Woodside is proud to support one of the largest cultural infrastructure projects in the world. We are delighted that our partnership has contributed to building knowledge and creating opportunities within our community. We look forward to watching the new building progress from design to completion as it will become a source of great community engagement and enjoyment.

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