The Woodside Development Fund update - January 2016

The Woodside Development Fund was launched in 2014 and is a collaborative and long-term approach to corporate social contribution. Over the next 10 years, Woodside will contribute to A$20 million to early childhood development.

Our bold goal for the fund is: 'Zero to Eight. Life's Great! Every child thrives in their development, learning and life'.

Through the Woodside Development Fund, Woodside recognises that no single organisation can address issues as complex as early childhood development in isolation and so our focus is on:

  • building capabilities within the early years sector for organisations to better collaborate and measure their impact;
  • supporting place-based collaborations to make community-wide change; and
  • building dialogue at both state and national levels to support sustainable change.

In 2015 we supported 8 initiatives that have all made significant progress during the year, including:

1. Connecting Early Years Networks: A training coordinator has been hired by WACOSS to design & deliver training and provide capacity building support to Early Years Networks across WA. 218 individuals have been consulted to understand support requirements so that the team can be responsive to the needs of each network. An online platform has been developed to facilitate sharing between networks.

2. Connecting Community for Kids: 927 individuals have been engaged to inform the design of an early years Collective Impact initiative in the communities of Cockburn and Kwinana. This program will enable the State Government and service providers, to identify gaps and duplication of effort to ensure delivery of services for young children is targeted and relevant.

3. Dampier Peninsular Children and Family Wellbeing Project: A comprehensive situational analysis has been completed by Save the Children providing a strong base for the Dampier Peninsular Children & Family Wellbeing Project. The project aims to address systemic barriers and improve outcomes for children across the region.

4. Opportunity Child: Governance structures have been developed for Opportunity Child - a collective initiative to transform the childhood outcomes of 65,000 Australian children considered developmentally vulnerable. Bespoke training has been delivered to backbone leaders from 15 communities around Australia and 8 national organisations have signed a Memorandum of Understanding to be a part of Opportunity Child. The first national early childhood outcomes and shared measurement framework is in development that aligns participating Opportunity Child communities to a national results scorecard based on ARACY NEST.

5. WA Early Years Leadership Group: A feasibility study has been developed by WACOSS to establish a WA Early Years Leadership Group. This initiative will support our ambition to enhance leadership and advocacy at a State level to drive systems change and will ultimately contribute to a significant improvement in the development and outcomes for children in WA.

6. Ngala's Family Partnerships and Platforms: A total of 69 Participants representing 21 organisations have attended Ngala's Family Partnerships and Platforms training. Ngala will continue to deliver training to Child & Parent Centre's and others across the State to improve community and parent engagement approaches, focus effort on outcomes and nurture community collaboration and innovation.

We will continue to invest in Opportunity Child, Save the Children, Connecting Community for Kids, Ngala and Connecting Early Years Networks. We have also invested in additional programs to further our scope and impact in 2016 and beyond. Specifically, Woodside has invested in the following:

  • the Myanmar Education Consortium (MEC) to establish a parent education program in Thabaung township, located in the Ayeyarwady region adjacent to Woodside's offshore exploration permits. To watch the official MEC launch, view the video here;
  • Regional Development Australia - Pilbara to support coordination and future sustainability of the Pilbara Early Years Group Network with a particular focus on Roebourne and Karratha; and
  • Goodstart Early Learning to deliver a support program that will provide almost 2000 developmentally vulnerable children across WA with greater learning potential and outcomes.

Through 2016, the Woodside Development Fund intends to increase its focus on: (i) leveraging resources from other partners to support our grantees and enhance sustainability and impact; (ii) supporting capacity building across our grantees; and (iii) embedding our approach to ongoing evaluation and continuous improvement.

Woodside Development Fund’s emerging sphere of influence

The Woodside Development Fund takes a portfolio approach to investing in organisations committed to working collaboratively to improve long term outcomes for children.

The Woodside Development Fund's emerging sphere of influence (shown in the diagram to the right) is growing and where possible the individual programs we fund are connected. The sphere of influence ensures that learnings can be shared and together we can strive to generate systemic change by creating the enabling conditions for improved early childhood development in the communities we operate within.

Sphere of Influence.png 

More information about the work supported by the Woodside Development Fund can be found by downloading the brochure.

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