University students visit Karratha Gas Plant

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Woodside recently hosted delegations from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and Monash University as part of technology-focused partnerships formed with both universities.

Under the agreement signed with MIT, a team of ten PhD students from its Chemical Engineering Practice School will spend eight weeks with Woodside working on Woodside projects related to optimisation of production and development of opportunities that could be used in the design of plants of the future.

They'll spend two weeks in Karratha in April, based at the Karratha Gas Plant Production Academy.

Woodside has also entered into a five-year agreement with Monash University, focused on additive manufacturing, more commonly known as 3D printing.

Monash is Australia's centre of excellence in materials research and a large number of CSIRO materials engineers are based there.

A new laboratory will soon be opened at Monash where work will again be done on Woodside defined projects. Research is already being undertaken to investigate 3D printing of stainless steel and potential new approaches to corrosion under insulation.

A group of group researchers from Monash also visited the Karratha Gas Plant recently, to see and understand the scale of a large onshore gas plant.

These initiatives form part of FutureLab, Woodside's collaborative innovation program.

The program is actively supporting scientific and technological innovation through collaborations with research institutions, start-ups, entrepreneurs and adjacent leading industries.

Woodside is also a founding partner of the Cisco Internet of Everything Innovation Centre at Curtin University and a collaboration space at the Indian Ocean Marine Research Centre at the University of Western Australia.​

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