Roebourne Living Classroom officially opened

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In early June students, teachers and community members gathered at Roebourne District High School for the official opening of the Living Classroom.

Principal David Paine said the Living Classroom was a space where students could think and learn more creatively outside.

"Learning is not isolated to an inside classroom. It's not isolated to a building. If we want our staff and students to recognise that education is all around us and learning happens anywhere we are, we need to facilitate an outdoor space that is conductive to our students' needs," said Mr Paine.

The project is proudly funded by the Woodside-operated North West Shelf Project as part of the wider Roebourne Education Initiative (REI).

Woodside Maintenance Team Leader Jason Attard attended the event and said the company works closely with Roebourne District High School to deliver the REI that focuses on providing supplementary services and resources to enhance learning opportunities for both students and teachers. 

"The Living Classroom is an exciting project for us to be involved with as it provides a unique and engaging learning environment on the school grounds," Mr Attard said.

"We look forward to seeing the space being used and enjoyed by the local students and wider community." 

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