Ready, Set, School in Karratha

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The friendly team at Karratha Community House are busy helping young families make the often difficult transition from playtime at home to kindergarten that much easier.

The Ready, Set, School Program is run at the Pam Buchanan Family Centre, and gives pre-kindergarten youngsters a taste of what to expect during their first year of formal schooling.

Running from 11am until 2pm each day, the program involves plenty of structured activities plus outdoor play.

Acting Programs and Playgroup Coordinator at Karratha Community House, Kylie Bilston, said during their time at Ready, Set, School children are given the opportunity to grow socially and emotionally.

"They also enhance their cognitive, gross and fine motor skills through an age appropriate program that is specifically written for their needs", Kylie said.

Woodside's Asset Manager at the Karratha Gas Plant, Steve Trench, said the program was a great way for parents to start preparing their children for school.

"Starting kindy is a significant change for children who are suddenly away from their parents for two or three days a week," Steve said.

"It can also be tough for parents but having a program like this helps make the transition for everyone a little easier.

"The children get plenty of support from the teachers at KCH as they start to develop important skills they'll need right throughout their schooling."

The Ready, Set, School Program is proudly supported by the Woodside-operated North West Shelf Project.

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