Woodside planning to truck LNG to Pilbara customers

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Woodside is undertaking planning for the proposed construction of a facility at its Pluto LNG Plant on the Burrup Peninsula to load LNG onto trucks for distribution within the Pilbara.

The project remains subject to a number of approvals but is initially proposed to involve construction of a facility to provide fuel for Woodside's new dual fuel LNG / diesel powered platform supply vessel, launched last month.

However, it is envisaged this would expand to include other Woodside marine support vessels, other vessel operators, as well as remote power and transport fuel customers such as locomotives and mine haul trucks.

LNG is proposed to be supplied by the Pluto LNG Plant onshore processing facility.

Woodside will be working closely with its fellow joint venture participants, government and other stakeholders to finalise approvals for the project, which aligns with Woodside's focus on growing new markets for LNG while at the same time helping Australia to reduce carbon emissions.

LNG has carbon emissions up to 25 per cent lower than diesel and 30 per cent lower than heavy fuel oil and emits almost no sulphur or particulates.

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