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Earth Science WA (ESWA) supports the teaching of earth science in schools by developing teaching and learning resources, providing professional development for teachers, presenting at schools and assisting with field experiences for students. A major function of the organisation is sharing resources via their website and email newsletters. The organisation was in need of a clear legal statement for their website to ultimately increase their professional look.

Due to the amount of resources available online, ESWA knew that they needed to improve their stated terms and conditions to minimise their vulnerability legally moving forward. Fortunately, Murali Viswanathan from Woodside’s PPML/Production team had significant experience in working with legal contracts and statements. Murali knew that his professional experience could assist ESWA in ensuring they were legally covered well into the future.

“This has allowed us to resolve an issue of concern for us and me to develop skills in this area.”

Jo Watkins, CEO Earth Science WA

For ESWA’s CEO Jo Watkins, the project with Murali “allowed us to utilise his expertise to assess vulnerabilities of our website and associated materials.” Murali assisted Jo and her team by creating a terms and conditions statement with certain sections that can also be used in ESWA’s external publications. Better yet, “Murali was fantastic to work with,” reports Jo. “He was quick to respond to queries, considered our position as a not-for-profit carefully and created an end product that was ready to use.”


The value of having a skilled volunteer is clear to Jo, who says, “As a small organisation there are many arenas in which we do not have expertise. It is wonderful to be able to access people with this expertise.”

For his part, Murali says the value for him was in “the satisfaction of having been able to put to use skills gained as part of education and experience for the betterment of the community – in this case helping ensure ESWA, who do the good work of educating kids.” In fact, Murali feels the skilled volunteering experience is one that would benefit many of his colleagues.

“I will recommend [skilled volunteering] to anyone in Woodside who is willing and shows the inclination to help others using their specialist skills.”

Murali Viswanathan, Woodside Volunteer

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