Earth Science a hit with youngsters at FeNaClNG Festival


Earth Science Western Australia (ESWA) scientists Joanne Watkins and Julia Ferguson were run off their feet at Woodside's 2015 FeNaClNG Festival exhibit in Karratha.

Their badge-making activity was so popular with younger festival-goers that the pair churned out more than 350 badges over two big days in early August.

Those youngsters who completed the activity got to make their very own badge and through the experience learned all about ultraviolet light.

ESWA also had a variety of rocks on display which students could touch and feel and assess their differing magnetic properties.

The annual FeNaClNG Festival is the Lions Club of Karratha/Dampier's main fundraiser and the name, FeNaClNG, comes from the chemical symbols of the three main production and export commodities in Karratha and Dampier – Iron Ore (Fe), Salt (NaCl) and Natural Gas (NG).

A number of Karratha-based Woodside employees were also on hand at Woodside's exhibit to talk to festival-goers about the company's operations and community involvement.

Those who completed a short survey and signed up to Canvas, Woodside's new online community hub, were entered into the draw to win an Apple iPad Air 2™.

Sarah Williams was the lucky winner and has now been presented with her iPad.

The role of ESWA is to support the teaching of earth science in schools by developing teaching and learning resources, providing professional development for teachers, presenting at schools and assisting with field experiences for students.

Woodside has partnered with ESWA to deliver the Woodside Australian Science Project which aims to produce support packages for the Earth Science component of the Australian Curriculum.

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