Skilled volunteers who use their expertise to benefit their community

Volunteering WA is the peak body for volunteering in the state of Western Australia and in collaboration with Woodside offer you the opportunity to participate in the Skills-based Volunteering Program!

Did you know that this program can match professional volunteers to a specific project in your organisation? Did you know that this opportunity is available for free?

To begin, you will need to take two minutes to sign up to become a Volunteering WA member. The membership offers you immense advantages, support and opportunities like Skills-based Volunteering and Corporate Volunteering.

The Skills-Based Volunteering program has had projects as diverse as safety project plans and robotics programmers to database assistance, a range of mentoring roles and many more. These volunteers can add great value to your organisation and are looking to make a positive impact in their community.

Volunteering WA provides you with assistance in scoping the project and in advertising it to our corporate partners.

We will be holding regular workshops about the program. Expect to get more information on the program as well as our assistance in developing your project.

If you would like to attend a workshop or find out more about this opportunity, please contact Lorena Castelo at: or 9482 4301.

Why not take advantage of this fantastic program for your organisation like so many others already have?

Violeta Taneska Woodside 1 Reply
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