A decade of helping

​From little things, big things grow.

In 2005, Woodside was one of the first organisations in the country to grant its employees paid leave (12 hours a year) to participate in volunteering activities.

Since then, the number of volunteers has grown exponentially and this year, more than 900 took part.


Over the past decade, Woodsiders have rolled up sleeves and got dirty for environment projects, mixed feed at an animal shelter, painted homes for elderly and lots, lots more.

Woodside is a member of the London Benchmarking Group (LBG) which collates information from volunteers and this produces precise data on the time our employees spend volunteering.

It allows us to say with some certainty that in 2012 the company's volunteering rates was 11.3% (compared with 7.5% for its industry peers).

Woodside is also a founding member of the Corporate Volunteer Council, a coalition of corporate and non-corporate organisations which advocates workplace volunteering. In 2012, the company pledged 3000 volunteering hours from its workforce towards the CVC's Give 1 campaign.

This year Woodside was recognised as the Corporate Volunteer of the Year, and the direct financial value of the time given by Woodsiders is conservatively estimated close to $1 million.

Of course, numbers and dollars play only a small role in volunteering.

Volunteering is part of Woodside's culture and values and reflects our personnel's desire to act as responsible and active member of the communities in which we operate.

Our original volunteering partnership was with the Conservation Volunteers Australia and next year marks the 10th anniversary of this relationship, too.

We've since instigated a partnership with Volunteering WA which enables Woodsiders to volunteer with the umbrella group's 650 not-for-profit member organisations.

Woodside community relations adviser Violeta Taneska says that as well as the number of volunteers increasing over the years, so too have the types of volunteering programs — from team-based working on projects to skills-based where Woodside personnel can apply professional skills.

This also allows employees in one section of the company to become involved in a project that another business function or unit might be organising.

Last year, Woodside decided to formalise its skills-based employee volunteering program with a six-month pilot project run in conjunction with Bankwest.

Vi is also working on new projects which will coordinate the desires of Woodsiders to volunteer in particular areas, and be complemented by donations of goods from the individual plus monetary donations from the company as part of the volunteer, donate and collect program.

Three organisations have been selected to trial this new approach.

Woodsiders will also have an opportunity to select to get involved with family volunteering days, collection of items and ability to suggestion skills-based volunteering projects.

This is all in addition to our core teams based volunteering program with Conservation Volunteers Australia and Volunteering WA — programs which will continue to run in Karratha, Broome and Perth.

Woodsiders might be celebrating in 2015 a decade of helping, but clearly there's a determination to carry on the good works for years to come.

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