Myanmar Public Health Scholarship Recipient to Start at UWA

​Myanmar post-graduate student Nang Nge Nge Phoo has arrived in Perth to begin her studies in Public Health at The University of Western Australia as the inaugural Woodside Myanmar Postgraduate Scholarship.


Nang Nge Nge Phoo, who was awarded the scholarship based on her impressive experience of medical and development assistance across five states and regions of Myanmar, will commence her studies at UWA in late February.

"Undertaking this degree is a fantastic opportunity to study a range of health care research methods and policies, and also exchange ideas with fellow post-graduates students from a variety of backgrounds," said Nang Nge Nge Phoo.

"I believe this will help me better analyse areas for improvement in the Myanmar health system, and understand the best ways to improve health care quality, equity and accessibility in my country."

The Woodside Myanmar Postgraduate Scholarship, launched in 2014, provides funds for an eligible Myanmar student to complete a two-year Master of Public Health (coursework) at UWA.

"Strong links between university and industry are necessary to provide the skills for growth in Western Australia and Myanmar," said Tim Shanahan, Director of UWA's Energy and Minerals Institute.

"By working together, Woodside and UWA can achieve our goals of increasing research and a highly skilled workforce in both Australia and Myanmar."

As a major investor in Myanmar through its offshore and gas exploration activities, Woodside is committed to supporting development and reform in the country and deliver sustainable benefits to local communities.

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