Woodside Improvement Challenge

The 2016 Woodside Improvement Challenge was a companywide initiative that encouraged staff to register the individual and team based improvements that they had made.

Teams have been able to recognise and celebrate improvements that have led to positive changes in the company. Challenge winners received gold, silver or bronze medals, and each medal represented a donation sum to be given to Woodside's community partners. 


IMPROVEMENT OLYMPICS PHOTO.jpg Woodside staff presenting their Challenge successes.

Suzie Craknell, Brownfields Performance Manager, and Chair of the Improvement Olympics highlighted the importance of recognising business achievement, and giving back to the community. "In sponsoring Woodside's community partners we are able to have a broader positive impact to not only our business but our community," said Suzie. "The community organisations sponsored have existing relationships with Woodside, include some that go back to 1998."

On December 6, at the Improvement Challenge Closing Ceremony, each function was able to present their donations to their chosen community partners. Three thousand individuals registered twelve thousand improvements.

Thanks to their improvement efforts,

  • Exploration was able to donate $13,383 to Flora and Fauna International.
  • Developments generated $19,553 for Engineers without Borders, and Operations donated $31,960 to Conservation Volunteers Australia.
  • The Technology and Development Planning area was able to raise $22,414 for the WA Museum.
  • The Finance and Commercial donated $10,871 to Opportunity International Australia and $10,871 to Harry Perkins Medical Institute.
  • Corporate and Legal raised $17,742 for Surf Life Saving WA.
  • Marketing Trading and Shipping made a $16,866 donation to Earth Science WA.
  • People and Global Capability generated $14,197 for Save the Children.

Woodside's collective commitment to recognising and rewarding improvements has generated $157,886 for our community partner organisations. Congratulations to all staff who participated in the Challenge. Their improvements not only benefited Woodside, but also lead to social contributions to our community partners.

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