International Volunteering Day

5 December marked International Volunteering Day, which celebrates the positive contribution that volunteering makes to communities. Volunteering is in Woodside's DNA. 

For over ten years, Woodside employees have contributed their time to the community, as part of Woodside's commitment to creating and building the capacity, capability and resilience of community organisations. Woodside was one of the first corporations in Australia to introduce a program for employees to contribute their time to volunteering, and in 2014, Woodside was named the Western Australian Corporate Volunteer of the Year.

During 2016 over 900 employees were involved in Woodside's corporate volunteering program. Almost 600 employees have participated in a team volunteering day, where groups of employees volunteer time and efforts to add value to their chosen organisation. Over 180 employees have also taken part in environmental volunteering activities, ranging from conservation activities to habitat protection, through Woodside's partnership with Conservation Volunteers Australia.


As part of the corporate volunteering program, Woodside allows employees to use their career skills and expertise to assist community organisations to achieve their goals. Some 2016 highlights of Woodside's skilled volunteering program, include:

  • Strategic planning workshops with West Cycle, Earth Science WA and Rocky Bay.
  • Business workshops with the Leeuwin.
  • Occupational Health and Safety workshops with Befriend and Mt Hawthorn Out of School Care.
  • Skills workshops with CLAN Midland, CSIRO and Empowering People in Communities.
  • Website or marketing workshops with Southern Cross Care and Technology Assisting Disability WA (TADWA.)
  • Fundraising sessions with Samaritans Crisis Line.
  • Communications discussions with Kid's Camp.
  • Working on a Reconciliation Action Plan with Duncraig Early Learning Centre.

Well done and thank you to the many Woodside employees who have participated in our volunteering program. Not only do community organisations benefit from participating in the volunteering program, but so too do the employees who take part. Woodside employees reported significant benefits from participating in Woodside's volunteering program. More than half the Woodside employees who completed the volunteering impact survey reported increased leadership, planning, organisation, and decision-making skills.


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