Navigating complexity to make social change


Woodside was delighted to host Mark Cabaj and Michelle Lucas for an evening of conversation on navigating complexity to make social change.


This special event at Woodside Plaza brought together community champions, leaders and experts who are currently engaged in the Connecting Communities for Kids initiative to explore the challenges and opportunities communities face in the early phases of collective impact.

Mark Cabaj is based in Canada and is an associate of the Tamarack Institute and President of From Here to There.  Mark's current focus is on developing practical ways to assist groups understand, plan and evaluate policies, programs and initiatives that address complex issues. He is particularly focused on expanding the ideas and practice of developmental evaluation, a new approach to evaluation which emphasizes learning and design thinking in emerging and sometimes fast-moving environments. For more information about Mark's work go to the Tamarack Institute's website.

Supported  by the Centre for Social Impact and Collaborating for Impact, Mark is currently is currently in Australia and New Zealand presenting workshops on tackling and evaluating complex social problems in place-based community change efforts.

Michelle Lucas is the director of Opportunity Child, a new Australian collective initiative that brings together local communities with national participants to support communities working together effectively in a complex environment. Michelle has worked for over a decade using a collective impact approach to address complex social challenges throughout Australia and Asia. Prior to this current role, Michelle held the position of Director of Collective Impact at Desert Knowledge Australia, working with remote and very remote communities to improve life outcomes and develop place-centred and integrated solutions.

Through the Woodside Development Fund, Woodside is supporting the Western Australian Council of Social Service and the Western Australian Partnership Forum to implement the Connecting Communities for Kids initiative, a collaborative effort focused on early childhood development in Cockburn and Kwinana.

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