New video launched for Opportunity Child

The new video provides a description of how collective impact works generally, and an introduction to how the communities, partner organisations, wider learning network and Opportunity Child core team work together in the Opportunity Child initiative.


In 2014 Woodside and the ten20 Foundation catalysed a new and innovative approach to funding early childhood development and systematic change by co-convening Opportunity Child.

Opportunity Child is a collective of leading communities and national organisations working together to change the system that impacts kids. The initiative aims to dramatically improve the lives of 65,000 Australian children who start school each year with big challenges in learning and in life.  Currently six leading Australian communities, eight national partner organisations, and a growing number of national and international partner organisations and mentors have joined the initiative. Together they are aspiring to create change for children aged zero to eight.

Through the Woodside Development Fund, Woodside is also supporting the Connecting Communities for Kids initiative, a collaborative effort focused on early childhood development in Cockburn and Kwinana. The Connecting Communities for Kids initiative is one of six high potential partner communities involved in Opportunity Child to accelerate and amplify the great work they are already doing.

To find out more, visit the Opportunity Child website

More information about the work supported by the Woodside Development Fund can be found by downloading the brochure.

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