Ngurra Nyingu Art Exhibition

A Place of Gathering

The Ngurra Nyingu (We are from this Country) Art Exhibition included a week long exhibit in the Woodside Plaza foyer. From 12 to 18 November, Woodside employees and the Perth community enjoyed the colourful collection by West Pilbara artists.

The exhibition was an opportunity for over thirty Indigenous artists to showcase their talents. Almost all paintings were sold, with many selling before the exhibition opening.


Woodside employees, art connoisseurs and prominent members of the community attended the exhibition opening. Niall Myles, SVP Australia Operating Unit was the MC for the evening, and Duncan Ord, Director General for Culture and the Arts, noted the cultural importance of appreciating the talent of Indigenous artists. 

Phillip Walley-Stack's welcome to country included some didgeridoo music, and Ellery Sandy's speech highlighted the important role that art plays in sharing stories about the Aboriginal people and culture.


Cassandra Halden's painting: 'Places of Gathering' was the feature piece of the exhibition. She explained that her community inspired the piece: "Places of Gathering are different places around the country, where Aboriginal people meet for different reasons. You have meeting places and you have camping, fishing or swimming places. Each spot has a landmark, like a hill, tree or even a river". 

Cassandra started painting at the age of 12, when she attended boarding school and was inspired by the creation of dreamtime stories into art. Cassandra paints to get more of a feeling of her country: "painting my country, plants and animals gives me a greater connection to the country".

Ballet shoes 1.JPG 

The West Australian Ballet has kindly donated a pair of ballet pointe shoes for the 2016 Ngurra Nyingu Art Exhibition. Artists from the Yinjaa Barni Art Group painted the shoes which were on display during the exhibition. Woodside is also the WA Ballet's Principal Partner. 

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