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Karine Evesque Helps OSCA Manage Risks


Mount Hawthorn Out of School Care (OSCA) was looking for a volunteer to help improve its services. Safety is always important, when working with large groups of children on a daily basis. With licensing requirements to comply with, a skilled volunteer was just what OSCA needed. Karine Evesque, Woodside's Senior Corporate Affairs Sustainability Advisor, helped OSCA hold a productive Risk Management Workshop and develop a Risk Register to use in delivering services moving forward.

Karine wanted to do something to help the community. OSCA needed expertise in managing their risks 'live' to ensure it is always operating at an optimal level. This was a perfect match with great outcomes!

"Karine has been fantastic and her work and support is terrific.  She approached the project in a hands-on, professional way.  Her guidance and suggestions are clear and achievable. Making use of her expertise definitely supported us to improve our daily practices and reflect critically on areas that will benefit the service." - OSCA

The register created by Karine is now updated regularly and is a document that is used in guiding the OSCA program. It was identified that Karine's assistance not only provided assistance to staff through ongoing benefits but also improved their management systems and staff skills. OSCA now has an in-depth risk register, broadened its horizons, and is working on additional areas to improve processes.

The knowledge imparted to OSCA was seen as extremely valuable and the team was very happy with the assistance received. Karine also saw and felt the benefits of her volunteering citing that volunteering has helped her improve her adaptability, leadership skills, awareness of wider social issues, and sense of wellbeing. She knew her work was greatly appreciated by OSCA. What she has done will have an ongoing positive impact for the community. We consider that a win-win!

"I enjoyed the sense of achievement assisting a not for profit organisation to review their risks and what processes they had in place to manage known risks. The sense of supporting our community with skills we have is very rewarding."

Karine Evesque, Woodside Volunteer

After such a great outcome it should be no surprise that Karine considers her volunteering experience an important one, would volunteer again, and would recommend it to her colleagues.

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