Woodside Development Fund

​Woodside CEO Peter Coleman today launched a major new initiative to help children in Australia and overseas. Woodside will contribute at least A$20 million over ten years to the Woodside Development Fund, which is intended to support programs and organisations that focus on early childhood development.

“Woodside is making this multi-million dollar investment over a decade because we firmly believe that a strong society is the best foundation for the future,” Mr Coleman said.

The establishment of the Fund follows six months consultation with experts in the field, who recommended Woodside tackle challenges at their root cause via a collaborative approach.

“Woodside’s role in the new Fund is to be an energizer, advocate, collaborator and funder,” Mr Coleman said.

Immediately following today’s launch, Woodside coordinated a 30-person workshop to define the Fund’s focus areas. Later this year, Woodside will establish an Expert Advisory Panel, to set goals and key performance indicators and select programs for support.

The Fund is intended to support early childhood projects, for children 0-8 years, that:

  • bring about meaningful, long-term positive change in communities;
  • build a sustainable workforce for the future; and
  • demonstrate impact through a shared monitoring and evaluation process.
Activities will complement the range of philanthropic and partnership activities funded through Woodside’s broader social investment program.

Click to view the media release:
Woodside Support for Early Childhood Development

Click to download the Woodside Development Fund Fact Sheet:
Woodside Development Fund Fact Sheet

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