Barking Gecko - The Ballad of Pondlife McGurk

Barking Gecko's younger audiences are sure to enjoy The Ballad of Pondlife McGurk. This production is the very model of 'audience capturing storytelling' that uplifts and enchants all ages. In this production theatrical simplicity combines with rhythm, poetry and passion to create an unforgettable experience.

'Pondlife McGurk was a troublesome child, some called him stupid, some called him wild but all called him Pondlife for that was his name.'

Martin's the new kid at school among a sea of unfamiliar faces. Sharon's the class bully and she doesn't like Martin one bit. Then Simon McGurk comes along. He's wildly different to Martin, but they become the best of buddies. Then, one day, Martin does something that will poison their friendship forever.

A coming-of-age tale about friendship, betrayal and overcoming adversity originally created by the remarkable Catherine Wheels Theatre Company, UK.

Approx. Running time: 1 hour

Presented by Barking Gecko Theatre Company
Dates: 1-4 October, 2014
Venue: Studio, Subiaco Arts Centre

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Barking Gecko Theatre Company and Woodside partnership:
Barking Gecko Theatre Company is WA's premier youth theatre company with 21 years of success engaging communities in WA, nationally and internationally. Woodside supports Barking Gecko and the funds contributed are used to develop Indigenous works that appeal to a youth audience.