Woodside Holiday Appeal

Woodside Holiday Appeal - 2018

For many of us, the holiday season is a time to reflect on the year that has passed and the things we are grateful for. It is a time we look forward to. A time of joy and celebration we share with family and friends. 

But for others, the holiday season can be a time of hardship. Domestic and family violence rates increase during the holiday season, devastating affected families and stretching the resources of support organisations. 

This holiday season, through the Woodside Holiday Appeal, we partnered with the Women’s Council to support those who have experienced violence at home. 

The Women’s Council represents domestic and family violence support organisations across Western Australia and is committed to working with families to build a future free from violence. 

As part of the Appeal, Woodsiders were encouraged to donate toys, gift cards, household goods, non-perishable food items and school supplies. The Women’s Council then distributed donations amongst domestic and family violence support organisations across Western Australia. 

The goal of the Appeal was to bring joy to families affected by violence, relieve some of the financial stress of the holiday season and to help create new, happy memories. 

The response to the appeal was outstanding, with Woodsiders from across the business pulling together in support of those in need. 

Donations from the Appeal filled several large boxes – each box packed to the brim.

Fully embracing the spirit of giving, some Woodsiders hosted fundraising events to further support the appeal.


The Women’s Council were overwhelmed with emotion and expressed their sincere gratitude to all those who contributed towards the Appeal, emphasising the significant impact that this would have for families affected by violence this holiday season.