​Kids’ Camps (recently rebranded to Cahoots) is always open to ways to improve their organisation and operate at a high level. They identified that a fit for purpose risk management framework was needed and having accessed skilled volunteers through Volunteering WA previously, they knew if they sought out assistance this way again they would be matched with a high calibre volunteer to complete this project.

The ultimate goandy-macready.jpgal was to have a robust risk management framework and organisational risk management plan. This required a review of the risk matrix for assessing all organisation and project risks, refining the risk register at an organisational level, and determining reporting requirements for the Board. In turn, this would help Cahoots reach a level of consistent decision making which would be based on the risk matrix and decision table.

Knowing that this kind of project could not be done by just anyone, Andrew Macready was equipped and ready to take it on! Andrew was able to come in and assist in conducting a thorough review and update of Cahoots’ risk management processes. Through this process he increased the knowledge, capabilities and efficiencies of operational frontline staff, CEO and Board members through education and support in rewriting procedures and policies. Upon completion of all Andrew’s hard work, Cahoots’ CEO Jess Karlsson was pleased to report, “We now have a streamlined process for assessment, reporting and management of risks at both operational and organisational levels.”

“I am going to propose a colleague provides expertise next year with the same organisation as it is a very rewarding and worth while exercise.”

Andrew Macready, Woodside Volunteer


In helping the organisation tackle this project, Andrew has not only provided immediate assistance to staff and developed their skills but also provided long term benefits and increased their overall capabilities. Jess is no stranger to the fees external consultants charge for these high level projects. Knowing what a consultant would have charged for this, Andrew’s work is valued at $10,000! Not to mention the ongoing value in quality and staff understanding which is invaluable. It is clear that not only did Andrew have a great experience but Cahoots benefitted tremendously. Jess noted, “We built a strong working relationship and learnt from each other due to our diversity of skillsets and backgrounds. If I was running a charity with much larger profit margins I would offer him a role in a heartbeat!”

 This risk project enabled Cahoots to elevate our capacity through increased understanding of risk management. The support from the skilled volunteer also reduced the impact on our limited human resources. We are now in a more sustainable position due to the expertise we received on how to assess and manage risk. All our team have a good understanding of risk appropriate to their roles, including CEO and Board assessing and managing organisational risk.”

Jess Karlsson, Cahoots CEO