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Association of Independent Schools WA (AISWA)

British Council - FameLab


​Run by AISWA, Future Footprints is a well-established partnership between students, schools, parents, communities and sponsors. The broad aim of the program is to improve educational outcomes for Indigenous students and enhance their opportunities post-school to further education, employment and/or training. 

Woodside supports the Future Footprints program by funding the Annual Career Expo designed to give students advice and planning for future job prospects.

Run annually in Australia and in over 30 countries across the world, FameLab is a live science communication competition that aims to discover charismatic early career scientists who can inspire people to see the world from new perspectives.

The competition format challenges early career professionals to communicate complex ideas simply contestants have three minutes each to tell the story of their research to a live, non-scientific audience.


Clontarf Foundation

CoderDojo WA

Earth Science WA​ - Woodside Australian Science Project


Woodside supports the Clontarf Foundation to guide and mentor young Aboriginal males through high school. The Foundation aims to help high school retention rates by rewarding good school practises with football excursions and initiatives.

Woodside supports CoderDojo WA through the Fogarty Foundation. CoderDojo is a network of free coding clubs that teach programming skills like website development and app-creation for children aged 7 to17. The skills gained from the program increase the computer literacy of young people, which aims to assist them with their studies and future careers.

Woodside, as part of the Woodside Australian Science Project, has provided support to Earth Science WA since 2012 to create support packages for the Earth Science component of the Australian curriculum. The packages include teaching and learning resources to foster an interest in earth sciences for students from primary school to year 12. The project also includes providing professional development for teachers, presenting at schools and assisting with field experiences for students.

Graham (Polly) Farmer Foundation

Karratha Community House

Karratha Senior High School

The Graham (Polly) Farmer Foundation's vision for reconciliation is to walk alongside the local Indigenous community in a relationship of mutual respect, to provide opportunities that contribute towards the community's aspirations of a sustainable future. Woodside supports the Graham Polly Farmer Foundation in empowering Aboriginal students in the Pilbara and the Kimberley to reach their potential.


​Woodside supports the Karratha Community House Inc. (KCH), a not-for-profit community organisation that provides playgroups, early literacy programs and other targeted programs for children and their families in Western Australia's first ever purpose built playgroup rooms. As well as being an employer of community members, the house provides a fun and safe environment for children.

Woodside supports Karratha Senior High School (KSHS), a public school in Karratha for students from Years 7 to 12, through the Karratha Education Initiative (KEI). Since commencing in 2008, the Woodside-operated North West Shelf Project-funded KEI, has helped KSHS deliver high-quality educational opportunities for students and professional development opportunities for teachers.


Leeuwin Ocean Adventure Foundation

​MADALAH – Scholarship, Opportunity, Achievement and Results (SOAR) Program



Woodside and the Leeuwin have provided young people throughout Western Australia with the opportunity for personal and professional growth through the Youth Leadership Scholarship program since 2005. 

In 2015, Woodside's support evolved to also include cadetship scholarships, which are awarded to three volunteer crew who have an aspiration for a career at sea, in addition to crew exchanges, which provide an opportunity for Leeuwin volunteer crew to build on their personal and professional skills.

SOAR is an Australia-wide program which provides scholarships for secondary and tertiary education for students from remote and disadvantaged regions.

 Woodside supports the MADALH SOAR Program which directly focuses on achieving the intended outcomes for students from rural and remote areas of Western Australia.


Our support of Scitech encompasses the Woodside Scitech Science Awards, which recognise graduating primary school students who demonstrate a passion and enthusiasm for science; Scitech Gifted and Talented Program,  a three year program for selected students in years 6, 7 and 8  that allows students and their parents to explore the vast possibilities in science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM); the Science After School program, which provides opportunities beyond the classroom to practice and enhance knowledge and skills whilst increasing awareness of the relevance of STEM in our everyday lives; as well as  Kaartadjin Koorliny ("learning is always moving") gallery space at Scitech.

St Luke's College

The Woodside 
Development Fund

​University of Western Australia Engineering Zone

Woodside supports St Luke's College, a Catholic co-educational college, through the Karratha Education Initiative (KEI). Since commencing in 2008, the Woodside-operated North West Shelf Project-funded KEI has helped St Luke's College deliver high-quality educational opportunities for students and professional development opportunities for teachers.

In 2014 Woodside committed A$20 million over 10 years towards improving early childhood development outcomes for children aged zero to eight in the communities in which Woodside operates.

The Woodside Development Fund (WDF) strives to build alliances that bring together reso​urces and expertise from early childhood non-profits, researchers, analysts, businesses, academic institutions, philanthropy and government to drive social change.

Woodside is funding the establishment of the University of Western Australia's Engineering Zone (E- Zone). E-Zone will feature a variety of flexible teaching, research and industry engagement spaces for engineering, computing and mathematics students.

Woodside Development Fund