Who We Support


​Woodside recognises that long-term and meaningful relationships with the communities where we operate are fundamental to maintaining our licence to operate.

We seek to achieve these relationships by understanding and managing the impacts we may have on our communities and through the development and implementation of programs that deliver mutual benefits.

Our community relations strategy has three focus areas that are aligned with Woodside's business strategy:

  • Social impacts – providing a consistent and strategic approach to understanding and mitigating negative social impacts and creating positive social impacts;
  • Stakeholder engagement – creating stakeholder relationships outside issues-based interactions to support long-term trust; and
  • Social investment – a three-tiered funding approach, with the majority of funds invested in regional programs.

At a broader level, we focus on the following activities to achieve our community aspirations:

  • Stakeholder engagement – formal processes to allow stakeholders to learn current operations and proposed projects, as well as opportunities to provide input to planned business activities.
  • Community investment – supporting community programs and sponsorships that bring positive, sustainable benefits to communities near to our operations.
  • Indigenous well-being and cultural heritage – establishing and maintaining relationships with Indigenous communities; providing opportunities in education and training; supporting Aboriginal arts and culture; and minimising our impact on Indigenous cultural heritage.

Visit the Woodside corporate website to learn more about our social contribution program.